Engineered Woods

We stock a large selection of engineered woods. Particleboard--Medium Density Fiberboard--Melamine--Beadboard

Particleboard sizes include: 1/4" 4x8,1/2" 4x8, 5/8" 4x8, 11/16 4x8, 3/4" 4x8, all countertop sizes featuring 25x97,25x121,25x145,
30x97,30x121,30x145,36x96,36x121,36x145,49x145, 61x97,61x121,61x145, 1" 4x8, 1-1/8 4x8, 30x97,61x97,1-1/8 61x121

We stock 4 great MDF's in many sizes, to choose from. G-P, TRUPAN Ultra Lite from Chile, S.A., RANGERBOARD from West Fraser Mills in Canada, Sierra Pine from Oregon.

Thicknesses range from 1/4" to 2" , widths are 49" and 60", lengths are 97" to 192", from the Mills listed.
TRUPAN panels use 100% plantation grown radiata pine in their panels and are about 40% lighter than traditional MDF or Particleboard panels.

Rangerboard is a homogenous super refined premium MDF that enhances fabrication techniques. One of the finest quality MDF's produced in the world today. Very little if any sanding required.

Sierra Pine MDF and Particleboard offerings include MDF fire-rated (F.R.), MDF moisture resistant (MEDEX), reduced formaldehyde emissions. We also stock their particleboard line called ENCORE in F.R. and moisture resistant.

Our melamine panels are produced by PANOLAM, Canada. We stock many varied colors and sizes. WHITE-BLACK-ALMOND-FUSION MAPLE-HARDROCK MAPLE-ANTIQUE WHITE-CASTLE OAK-SMOKE GREY-CUSTOM GREY-GRAND CHERRY-SUNSET. Please call for availability of other colors as well.

Beadboard panels are offered by the NANTUCKET BEADBOARD CO.. We stock 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" in 4x8, primed one side, V-bead, Standard Bead, 1-5/8" on  center, 2" and 3" on center. "V" groove, custom spacing and some lengths and widths are available on special order. Allow 2-3 weeks.

Products are available as FSC certified on request

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