BHK Drawer & Wood Component Systems

BHK of America manufactures quality Wood and DuraWrap® Drawer Systems and Components for the woodworking industry. BHK makes it easy and inexpensive to make your own quality custom drawers in your own shop. Why outsource it?

We stock: 3",4",6",8",10" in 8' lenghts, on 1/2" white vinyl, with a particleboard core for economical choice.
We stock 8' foot UV clear finished 1/2" Maple plywood blanks with 1/4" groove in 3", 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" heights. 

Just a few simple cuts and you have a quality finished drawer. 1/4" groove for drawer bottoms makes it easy to use and install.

With the BHK Drawer Blank, no finishing is required.

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